The Painful Truth

Another single prompt day – fact is, I’m lucky to get a poem out today at all. It sucks having a body that is so sensitive to changes in the weather.The content speaks for itself. Writer’s Digest offered two choices today: an honest poem or a dishonest one. I hadn’t the energy to make anything up. Here’s my tanka – 

Current radar image from

Current radar image from

Low pressure system

Storming through the atmosphere

A simple spring rain

Pushes my pain receptors

Into overdrive again


Ferme la Porte, or Close the Door

Today’s prompt at the NaPoWriMo website sent me back in time to my high school and college days. Oh, how I wish I had kept up my French! It is true that if you don’t use it, you lose it. I’ve lost a great deal, but sometimes I surprise myself at what I do remember. Once I had the first line, the rest of the poem demanded to be written in French. And it wanted to rhyme. My sincerest apologies to any native speakers who may come across this post. I confess to resorting to the use of Google Translate

Ferme la porte du placard, s’il te plait.

Aide-moi garder les squelettes à l’intérieur.

J’ai peur de ce que d’autres peuvent penser

S’ils savaient la vérité.

Close the closet door please.

Help me keep the skeletons inside.

I am afraid of what others may think

If they knew the truth.