What Spring Brings

Day 11 of National Poetry Writing Month brought a really interesting challenge. Over at the NaPoWriMo blog, we were invited to write a poem in Sapphics. I admit, I’d never heard of this form before and had to put in a little study time before trying my hand at it. The prompt at Writer’s Digest gave me plenty to work with, though, with the suggestion to write a seasonal poem. Since we’re in the midst of spring here in the eastern US, I chose to stay with where we are right now. Here’s what I came up with: 

Image by Project-27 on deviantart.com

Image by Project-27 on deviantart.com

Brilliant yellow powder is dusted ‘cross the

Surface tempting kids with creative minds to

Etch their unique masterpiece on the sides of

My little green van.

Palest shades of green start to paint along the

Tree line. Bulbs emerge from the soil and burst with

Brightest reds and purples and pinks, performing

Quite a fancy show.

All that slept through winter’s harsh cold awakens

Now and turns the world that was dead and gray to

Living, breathing colorful art to show us

To always have hope.



Recently, I’ve been hibernating, quite content to stay inside and write or paint in my studio. However, spring is upon us and today my husband decided we both needed to get out of the house and absorb some natural vitamin D. We headed a very short drive away to the  Norfolk Botanical GardenHad I know what he was planning, I would have taken my camera. As it was, I had my phone which you likely now is nearly impossible to see in bright sunlight. I only took one photo and I’m using it as inspiration for today’s poem.

Hamilton Fringed Tulip

Hamilton Fringed Tulip


O vibrant yellow mutant

With your fancy fringed petals

The color of sunshine;

A seasonal extrovert,

You are Spring’s ambassador.


There’s a wilderness in me

Untouched by the human condition

Unexplored by nosy do-gooders

Unseen though it’s right in front of me


There’s a wilderness in me

A tangled jungle

Filled with giant beasts

And microscopic insects


There’s a wilderness in me

A thick and dripping rain forest

Oozing with rich sounds

Of rushing water and calling birds


There’s a wilderness in me

Terrifying and old

Mystifying and bold

Horrifying and cold


There’s a wilderness in me

Al Fresco Buffet

The prompt I used today came from NaPoWriMo where a list of random words were offered. The challenge was to use at least 5 of the words. I wanted to try to use them all, but settled for thirteen. 


Photo by Corey Finger

non-pareil mercurial dunderhead –

the clove-brown cowbird

(more ego than sense)

shouts his rodomontade;

drawing the

svelte willowy owl

from upwind

to dine al fresco as if served

truffle cheese and pinot noir