Damage of Love

Today was a travel day for me, so I had lots of thinking time, but precious little actual writing time. After checking out both prompts, only one seemed to work for me and it was found at the Writer’s Digest site. The suggestion was to write about damage. I was in a bit of a rush to write this one, so I felt it was the perfect time to fall back on one of my favorite poetic forms – the blitz poem. To enjoy to the fullest – read it quickly and don’t think too much! 🙂

Image by TheCreativeTwin on deviantart.com

Image by TheCreativeTwin on deviantart.com

Brain chemistry

Brain damage

Damage indicator

Damage control

Control yourself

Control freak

Freak flag

Freak show

Show cause

Show and tell

Tell me why

Tell the truth

Truth or consequences

Truth or dare

Dare devil

Dare to dream

Dream catcher

Dream house

House of cards

House keeping

Keeping the faith

Keeping up

Up town

Up all night

Night vision

Night light

Light a candle

Light my fire

Fire extinguisher

Fire and ice

Ice cream

Ice age

Age of reason

Age limit

Limit your exposure

Limit formula

Formula sheet

Formula one

One direction

One life to live

Live strong

Live free or die

Die for you

Die hard

Hard knocks

Hard to love

Love is a battlefield

Love-hate relationship




The Price of Love

What? Another love poem? That’s what Writer’s Digest was asking for today. Then I hopped over to NaPoWriMo and the prompt was about money or the cost, price, or value of something. After several false starts, this rondel came into being. It’s not what I set out to write, but it’s what wanted to be written. Who am I to argue with the muse?

My brother and I years ago - he passed away when he was 22.

My brother and I years ago – he passed away when he was 22.

Love often comes at a high price,

It’s one I’d gladly pay.

If you’d come back for one more day,

It would more than suffice.

Many times, I need your advice

Things changed when you went away.

Love often comes at a high price,

It’s one I’d gladly pay.

To see you again would be so nice

I know I will someday.

For now, brother, I’ll just convey

My heart and it’ll suffice.

Love often comes at a high price.


The prompts didn’t want to work together today, but eventually I came up with something that I think works. It’s a senryu (similar to a haiku) that took the NaPoWriMo prompt asking for a different sort of love poem and the Writer’s Digest prompt requesting a departure poem and made something simple and clear. 

Image by DemonVash08 on deviantart.com

Image by DemonVash08 on deviantart.com

Your departure took

Far more from me than just the

Pieces of my heart.

Confessions of the Woman Within

A fragment of my collection of clippingsA fragment of my collection of clippings
Leftovers after sortingLeftovers after

I was responsible for the prompt today over at OctPoWriMo. I had this idea a couple of weeks ago when I was working on a collage project for my Introduction to Design class. I’m sharing with you some photos of my process today as I began sifting through my own collection of magazine clippings to share some of the interesting combinations of words and phrases that appeared. I entered the process with no plan. I picked the words intuitively as I sorted through them.

Words that worked together, but not for this poemWords that worked together, but
not for this poem

Words that seemed to make sense together were placed together. After a short time (maybe 30 minutes or so), a theme began to emerge. The best part of this process for me is knowing that this is a poem that I would never have written any other way. The final image is my poem laid out on my sofa.


finished found word poem

May I have my attention, please?

Don’t judge! Try this…this works!

Avoid the mainstream. Go bold by stepping outside the norm.

Who needs perfectly cast, feast for the eyes,

death-defying, make-believe Mr. Nice Guy?

Holy cow!

I have a confession to make.

I dream of …

looking-for-fun-on-the-edge, hot or not,


touch and be touched, passion into power

pink boyfriends.

We can work with that!

K is for Kyrielle (and Kiss)

The kyrielle is one of my favorite poetic forms. Today’s poem was inspired by the prompt over at Poets on the Page and is dedicated to my amazing husband Patrick. 

Patrick and Me - Labor Day weekend 2011

Patrick and Me – Labor Day weekend 2011

His Kiss

O secret of his fevered kiss

You shower me in perfect bliss

Please, I beg you from the start

Devour not this fragile heart

Magic of his lingering lips

Forever others will eclipse

But do not from my love depart

Devour not this fragile heart

Crush me ‘neath thy dancing tongue

And make me feel that I’m still young

Help me live with his rank fart

Devour not this fragile heart

E is for Etheree

Today was a day of rest and recovery from yesterday’s adventure and in preparation for the long drive to take my boys back to their dad’s house tomorrow. I wallowed in their presence today, but today’s poem was lurking in the shadows just waiting for discovery. Here is an etheree dedicated to the fight for marriage equality.

Image from clipartist.net

Image from clipartist.net




And envy

Evoke extra

Evil, emitting

Explosive, erosive

Emotional enemies,

Embrace everyone equally.

Expressing empathy evermore

Equips epic equality echoes.

An Un-Love Letter

I must take a moment and give a shout-out to our amazing leader over at OctPoWriMo, Morgan Dragonwillow. She has been such an incredible inspiration to me and countless others with her thought-provoking prompts, her own poetic prowess, and her gentle support of her fellow poets. Today was no exception with the prompt she offered. She challenged us to write a love letter from one inanimate object to another. I spent six hours on the road today, so I had plenty of time for ideas to surface, roll around, and be thrown out the window. I settled on a break-up letter instead of a love letter, but I know I’ll be returning to this prompt again! Thank you, Morgan, for everything you do for the poetry community.

click image to view source

click image to view source

I should have listened to my friends.

They told me we were too different,

That you were not to be trusted.

But I didn’t listen.

I couldn’t resist your fresh scent,

Your beautiful yellow color

And your massive size.

In the end,

Your size proved to be too much for me.

You constantly overshadowed me.

You tried to hold me,

But I slipped through your fingers

And landed flat on my face.

I’m sorry, dear haystack,

But this is the last straw.

I lost myself in you.

Now I need to find myself again.


With pointed regrets,


click image for source mmp-stock

click image for source mmp-stock