Damage of Love

Today was a travel day for me, so I had lots of thinking time, but precious little actual writing time. After checking out both prompts, only one seemed to work for me and it was found at the Writer’s Digest site. The suggestion was to write about damage. I was in a bit of a rush to write this one, so I felt it was the perfect time to fall back on one of my favorite poetic forms – the blitz poem. To enjoy to the fullest – read it quickly and don’t think too much! 🙂

Image by TheCreativeTwin on deviantart.com

Image by TheCreativeTwin on deviantart.com

Brain chemistry

Brain damage

Damage indicator

Damage control

Control yourself

Control freak

Freak flag

Freak show

Show cause

Show and tell

Tell me why

Tell the truth

Truth or consequences

Truth or dare

Dare devil

Dare to dream

Dream catcher

Dream house

House of cards

House keeping

Keeping the faith

Keeping up

Up town

Up all night

Night vision

Night light

Light a candle

Light my fire

Fire extinguisher

Fire and ice

Ice cream

Ice age

Age of reason

Age limit

Limit your exposure

Limit formula

Formula sheet

Formula one

One direction

One life to live

Live strong

Live free or die

Die for you

Die hard

Hard knocks

Hard to love

Love is a battlefield

Love-hate relationship