A Confessional Riddle

After reading today’s prompts, I wasn’t sure how to approach today’s challenge. Writer’s Digest suggested a confessional poem. I was stumped since, for the most part, I am completely open about my life experiences. Over at the NaPoWriMo blog, we were asked to write a riddle poem. Again, I had no idea where to take that thought. I find my own process interesting, though. When I’m completely stumped, I head over to Shadow Poetry and browse through different poetic forms and something always surfaces for me. This time it was as I read about the invented form Con-Verse (another new one for me).

Public Domain image on Wikimedia Commons

Public Domain image on Wikimedia Commons

What would you say if you knew,

If you even had a clue?

Would you think any less of me

If I honestly let you see

The truth that is usually hidden

Because what I do is forbidden?

They say good girls don’t, but I still do this

And it brings into my life such sweet bliss.

You may think what I do is not very smart,

But I must always remain true to my heart.