I enjoy any opportunity to engage with my inner child. Writer’s Digest left it wide open today merely suggesting using any adjective as a title and working the poem from there. The repetitive chorus of the rondeau invites you, the reader, to join me on a playful adventure : 

Image by Anna Langova on

Image by Anna Langova on

Come play with me, let me see your smile!

I can see for you it’s been awhile

Since you took a break from the daily grind

And gave yourself a chance to unwind.

Time to step out of the rank and file!

So let’s express our artistic style

With paints, brushes, and this paper pile…

Let down your hair and free your mind –

                         Come play with me.

Turn on some music and dance in the aisles,

Or follow the leader in single file,

Or hide and seek if you’re so inclined.

Go on and let yourself be unrefined.

Pinkie promise – this will be worthwhile.

                          Come play with me.


O is for Ode

I just got in from a long-ish drive. The drive inspired today’s ode.

My childhood home - image retrieved from Google Maps

My childhood home – image retrieved from Google Maps

Ode to My Childhood Home

The dark gray asphalt

Hums beneath my tires

Leading me along

The familiar route

Back to my childhood home.

Every curve, every bump

As familiar as my own face

In the mirror of time…

They say you can’t go back again

And yet I do

Go back

Because it’s a part of me;

A part of my past,

My present,

And likely my future.

The ties that bind me there

Are stronger than steel.

They are blood-strong;

Loose enough to allow for


But still attached to the base.

I’ve pushed the boundaries

Further and further

Over the years

To see how far I can reach

Without letting go.

The bungee cord stretches

To its limit

Then rebounds

Pulling me

Back home again.

The Little Red Mini-Bike


Sunny afternoons

Made for

Wind in the hair rides

With no thought

Of helmets

Or danger

Just fun

And speed

Engine purring

Revving up for

Daredevil jumps

Over the tiniest of hills

Feeling invincible

And free