School Day


By ChadPerez49 [CC BY-SA 4.0 (, from Wikimedia Commons

Pulling into the not quite empty parking lot remind me that I am not enough of a morning person to be the first to arrive. Dimly lit buildings sit in U formation around the silent courtyard, anticipating the coming storm. The only brightly lit space, a hub of early morning activity, beckons me to check in. Rows upon rows of wooden cubby holes – some empty, some overflowing – line the central wall, flanked by a podium where I scribble initials on the sign-in sheet. With not-yet-awake indifference, I snag the stack of unnecessary memos that I assume should have been emailed (especially since we are in a paper rationing budget crisis) and wander back outside and through the courtyard to the still mostly dark 400 building. An eerie silence fills the hallway as I enter the building and unlock my door, mindlessly, routinely flipping on the florescent lights. One by one, I skim the memos, confirming my assertion that most are unnecessary wastes of paper, when a note on a “from the desk of” memo pad escapes to the floor. Retrieving it, I sigh at the realization that I must back track to the office before I can start tackling the never-ending pile of work to be graded. As I step back out into the hallway, I am startled by the loud ringing of the first bell indicating the first wave is beginning. Bus riders and the cafeteria breakfast eaters flood onto campus from opposite directions, quickly clogging the sidewalks and hallways. Youthful chatter fills the air, punctuated by metal lockers slamming shut. I merge into the slipstream of teenagers walking by and make my way back to the main office.

Principal’s office
Summons is rarely good news
Even for teachers.



My day 12 poem was inspired by the prompt at NaPoWriMo where we were challenged to take on the haibun form. This was a new form for me and if you’ve read much of my poetry, you know how I love a good form challenge! I’ve also missed a couple of days, but hopefully I’m back on track to finish the month strong. 


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