Jury Duty


In the jury pool,
Shared jigsaw puzzle pieces
Passing time with a stranger.

Pleasantries exchanged,
Turns out he’s an E.M.T.
He asks, “Do you feel okay?”

Light-headed and pale,
Fighting the urge to vomit,
It dawns on me – I’m pregnant!


The OctPoWriMo prompt today brought back a fond memory. The above is the true story of the moment I realized I was expecting my second child. I still feel a sense of gratitude that the other juror who was working the jigsaw puzzle with me while we waited was trained to recognize signs of physical distress. Otherwise, I may have fainted! Instead, he saw the symptoms and acted quickly to get me to a row of chairs to lie down. He was also quick to ask me if I may be pregnant. The thought didn’t enter my mind until he asked!



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