No Boxes, or Art in the Wayward Mind

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I wrote today’s prompt at OctPoWriMo, then when I sat down to write my own poem nothing was coming up. My own prompt wasn’t speaking to me.

This was not what I had in mind when I wrote the prompt. However, this is what emerged for me around the topic after studying the definition of wayward : “difficult to control or predict because of unusual or perverse behavior”. It took me back to the first time I realized that I was “difficult” and why. I am that rebel that refuses to fit the mold.

Now on to the poem.


Hey middle schooler,
Choose a class – band, chorus, art?
But I want to take them all.
No. Choose.

Hey dancer,
Choose a discipline – ballet, tap, jazz?
But I want to learn it all.
Wealthy? No? Then choose.

Hey artist,
Choose a medium – paint, charcoal, clay?
But I want to learn it all.
You need a direction. Choose.

Hey performer,
Choose a discipline – singer, dancer, actor?
But I’m capable of them all.
Know your strengths. And choose.

Hey world,
Choose, you say? NAY!
I will continue to do it all.
Set fire to your boxes. I choose.

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3 thoughts on “No Boxes, or Art in the Wayward Mind

  1. I really like your poem, Amy Too often we are limited by others’ (or our own) idea that we have to choose. “Set fire to your boxes.” Love this. Thank you. xoA

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