The Work of Art (or the Art of Work?)

I put a great deal of thought into the prompts today. At NaPoWriMo, the suggestion was to write a visual or shape poem. I’ve tried those before and always struggled with formatting here on WordPress, so I almost ignored the idea. Meanwhile, the prompt at Writer’s Digest was to write a poem about work. As an art student, I’m learning just how much hard physical labor is involved in art-making. From wedging reclaimed clay in pottery to carving and shaving plaster, the amount of physical exertion is more intense than one might think. This realization led me to the poetic form of a diamante which, I suppose, might fit the shape poem prompt, after all!

Cubist Self-Portrait work-in-progress

Cubist Self-Portrait work-in-progress


difficult, stressful

frustrating, exhausting, time-consuming

routine, necessary, creative, fun

inspiring, healing, liberating

expressive, dynamic



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