I Keep My Secrets Midst the Stars

Day 2 is a case of “better late than never” for me. It’s still day 2 on the west coast of the US, so I suppose I’m still on target somewhere. Again I managed to combine the prompts from NaPoWriMo’s site (stars and/or constellations) and the Writer’s Digest site (secrets) into a single poem. I’m hoping I can keep this up. I like the challenge of blending the prompts and finding a poetic form to fit it into. Today’s form is a kyrielle sonnet. Enjoy!

Zeta Scorpii

I keep my secrets midst the stars.

Tis safer there than in glass jars.

Hidden by darkness in plain sight

In constellations that delight.

Observe the patterns in the sky

And see what tales they might supply

As each star blazes its own light

In constellations that delight.

My secrets, tho, are ne’er revealed.

The stars forever keep concealed

By changing patterns every night

In constellations that delight.

I keep my secrets midst the stars

In constellations that delight.


3 thoughts on “I Keep My Secrets Midst the Stars

  1. It’s romantic. Not in the soppy Hollywood way, but 19th century art form romantic. I think it’s really good! Puzzling with prompts and forms seems to bring out the best in your creativity.

    (Never mind the best, I’m only trying to tell you that I really, really like it!)

    • Thank you, Angela. I agree with you that my creativity does love to rise to a good challenge like this. I’m having fun with it and that’s usually when good things happen. Thanks for your kind words! 🙂

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