Negation, Resistance, and Joy

WOW! How did April get here so quickly? Another National Poetry Writing Month is upon us and I will be attempting (yet again) to share with you a new poem each day this month. I will also be sharing where my inspiration for the poems comes from as I find process is often as interesting as the poem itself. Today, I drew from three sources. I took the prompts from the NaPoWriMo 2015 site to write a negation poem (though I deviated quite a bit from that one) and the prompt from the Writer’s Digest PAD Challenge to write a resistance poem. I combined these with an affirmation that came up in a creativity group that I’m a part of on Facebook (shout out to my friends in A Mused Community). I’m also a fan of working within the structure of poetic forms, so today I offer an Ottava Rima


Resisting the Negativity

Noisy voices clamor for attention

Like worker bees buzzing about the hive.

Conflicting notions creating tension

From within the mind causing failure to thrive…

One still, small voice persists in its dissension-

“Keep going, girl, and live while you’re alive!”

Voices seek to annoy and seek to destroy.

However, I will always go for the joy.


One thought on “Negation, Resistance, and Joy

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