Poetic Rebellion

Sometimes I have to allow the Muse to do as it pleases. This is not in response to any prompt. It’s just a triolet giving a partial glimpse into the “to do” list in my head. 


I will not write a poem today.

I’ve many other things to do.

There’s studio work to be done in clay.

I will not write a poem today.

Oil pastel work’s not yet halfway.

Design journal is almost due.

I will not write a poem today.

I’ve many other things to do.


A Bit of Chemistry

The NaPoWriMo blog offered a poetic form as the starting point today – the terzanelle. I found this form rather interesting and a bit challenging to work with given the prompt from Writer’s Digest today – a poem about science. Sure, this could have gone many ways, but as soon as I started thinking about science, I immediately thought about the phrase “opposites attract”. That became the jumping off point for today’s poem. Hope you enjoy!

Art print from society6.com

Art print available from society6.com

It’s a scientific fact

That opposites attract

It’s a scientific fact

When they come in contact

Psychologically, it’s rare

That opposites attract

Oft like with like does pair

For friendship or romance

Psychologically it’s rare

But still we’ll take a chance

For different or the same

For friendship or romance

It’s such an unfair game

In matters of the heart

For different or the same

Tis best to play it smart

In matters of the heart

It’s a scientific fact

It’s a scientific fact


I enjoy any opportunity to engage with my inner child. Writer’s Digest left it wide open today merely suggesting using any adjective as a title and working the poem from there. The repetitive chorus of the rondeau invites you, the reader, to join me on a playful adventure : 

Image by Anna Langova on publicdomainpictures.net

Image by Anna Langova on publicdomainpictures.net

Come play with me, let me see your smile!

I can see for you it’s been awhile

Since you took a break from the daily grind

And gave yourself a chance to unwind.

Time to step out of the rank and file!

So let’s express our artistic style

With paints, brushes, and this paper pile…

Let down your hair and free your mind –

                         Come play with me.

Turn on some music and dance in the aisles,

Or follow the leader in single file,

Or hide and seek if you’re so inclined.

Go on and let yourself be unrefined.

Pinkie promise – this will be worthwhile.

                          Come play with me.

The Painful Truth

Another single prompt day – fact is, I’m lucky to get a poem out today at all. It sucks having a body that is so sensitive to changes in the weather.The content speaks for itself. Writer’s Digest offered two choices today: an honest poem or a dishonest one. I hadn’t the energy to make anything up. Here’s my tanka – 

Current radar image from wtkr.com

Current radar image from wtkr.com

Low pressure system

Storming through the atmosphere

A simple spring rain

Pushes my pain receptors

Into overdrive again

A Confessional Riddle

After reading today’s prompts, I wasn’t sure how to approach today’s challenge. Writer’s Digest suggested a confessional poem. I was stumped since, for the most part, I am completely open about my life experiences. Over at the NaPoWriMo blog, we were asked to write a riddle poem. Again, I had no idea where to take that thought. I find my own process interesting, though. When I’m completely stumped, I head over to Shadow Poetry and browse through different poetic forms and something always surfaces for me. This time it was as I read about the invented form Con-Verse (another new one for me).

Public Domain image on Wikimedia Commons

Public Domain image on Wikimedia Commons

What would you say if you knew,

If you even had a clue?

Would you think any less of me

If I honestly let you see

The truth that is usually hidden

Because what I do is forbidden?

They say good girls don’t, but I still do this

And it brings into my life such sweet bliss.

You may think what I do is not very smart,

But I must always remain true to my heart.

Damage of Love

Today was a travel day for me, so I had lots of thinking time, but precious little actual writing time. After checking out both prompts, only one seemed to work for me and it was found at the Writer’s Digest site. The suggestion was to write about damage. I was in a bit of a rush to write this one, so I felt it was the perfect time to fall back on one of my favorite poetic forms – the blitz poem. To enjoy to the fullest – read it quickly and don’t think too much! 🙂

Image by TheCreativeTwin on deviantart.com

Image by TheCreativeTwin on deviantart.com

Brain chemistry

Brain damage

Damage indicator

Damage control

Control yourself

Control freak

Freak flag

Freak show

Show cause

Show and tell

Tell me why

Tell the truth

Truth or consequences

Truth or dare

Dare devil

Dare to dream

Dream catcher

Dream house

House of cards

House keeping

Keeping the faith

Keeping up

Up town

Up all night

Night vision

Night light

Light a candle

Light my fire

Fire extinguisher

Fire and ice

Ice cream

Ice age

Age of reason

Age limit

Limit your exposure

Limit formula

Formula sheet

Formula one

One direction

One life to live

Live strong

Live free or die

Die for you

Die hard

Hard knocks

Hard to love

Love is a battlefield

Love-hate relationship



What Spring Brings

Day 11 of National Poetry Writing Month brought a really interesting challenge. Over at the NaPoWriMo blog, we were invited to write a poem in Sapphics. I admit, I’d never heard of this form before and had to put in a little study time before trying my hand at it. The prompt at Writer’s Digest gave me plenty to work with, though, with the suggestion to write a seasonal poem. Since we’re in the midst of spring here in the eastern US, I chose to stay with where we are right now. Here’s what I came up with: 

Image by Project-27 on deviantart.com

Image by Project-27 on deviantart.com

Brilliant yellow powder is dusted ‘cross the

Surface tempting kids with creative minds to

Etch their unique masterpiece on the sides of

My little green van.

Palest shades of green start to paint along the

Tree line. Bulbs emerge from the soil and burst with

Brightest reds and purples and pinks, performing

Quite a fancy show.

All that slept through winter’s harsh cold awakens

Now and turns the world that was dead and gray to

Living, breathing colorful art to show us

To always have hope.