Presence and Intuition

DLP #1 process 1

There’s never a dull moment in my life because I’m always engaging in a new project of some kind. For 2015, I’ve accepted two challenges. I’ve signed up for The Documented Life Project (a FREE weekly art journal prompt from The Art to the 5th Academy) and I’m taking part in Chantelle’s #FMSphotoaday daily photo challenge. My grand plan is to combine these challenges by printing my photos and including them in my art journal spread each week. We’ll see how long that lasts!

I knew I wanted a focus word for this year. With Life Book last year, I used the words “emerge” and “become”. Looking back on 2014, I am overwhelmed with how those words manifested in multiple ways throughout the year. This year, my focus is going to be on “presence”. There are many reasons that I felt this word was what 2015 was calling for, but that’s for a different blog post! Being present in each moment is what allows me to tune in to my intuition. It was that intuitive nudge that led me to share this process with you.

The Documented Life Project (DLP) offered the technique of using book pages and a prompt to be your own goalkeeper. I jumped in almost as soon as the prompt was posted and started going through my extensive stash of papers for collage. I didn’t know what I wanted to use, but through my experiences with Flora Bowley’s Bloom True ecourse and Tamara Laporte’s Life Book, I’ve learned that I can trust my intuition to guide my art-making process. It didn’t let me down today.

As I went through the papers that I had available, certain words began to call to me. I had dictionary pages, a dollar store Bible, pages from an old Methodist hymnal, a page from my mom’s daily devotional that she’d mailed to me (The side she wanted me to read is not the one I left face up, though), a scrap from one of my morning pages (a la Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way), and a bookmark that fell out of a Poets and Writers magazine. I’m sharing some close up images here so you can see some of the words in a bit more detail.

DLP #1 process 1-4

  • I used Genesis 1 as it reminds me that I was created in God’s image. Since he is The Creator, then I am also creative.
  • The page from my morning pages ended with the statement, “Do not be afraid!”
  • The page from the hymnal has the same lyrics as one of my favorite songs from the musical Godspell.

DLP #1 process 1.2

  • I love the significance (mathematically and philosophically) of the triangle.
  • I also found it interesting that on that same dictionary page was this spider image. I took a quiz recently to determine my spirit animal and the result was spider!
  • There’s also a quote from John A. Schindler that was sent with some other ephemera as part of a happy mail from a fellow artist last year.

DLP #1 process 1-3

  • Another piece of paper from that same happy mail included the words “amusement” and “forgive”, both very significant words for me.
  • A great source of interesting text for me is the directions that come with puzzle books and anything that has to be assembled. They often come in multiple languages.
  • The text from my mom’s devotional included a reminder to reach out to people – something that I don’t do enough of.

DLP #1 process 1-1

  • From the dictionary pages, I also selected the words “tribe” and “tree”. I have been blessed to find a place in several different tribes, both online and face-to-face. The tree image is a reminder to have roots, but still reach for the sky.
  • The bookmark included this wonderful quotation from Bob Hicok that inspires me to continue writing in addition to my other art-making.

I’m going to keep at this journal spread. I’ll post the finished pages in the next couple of days!