Confessions of the Woman Within

A fragment of my collection of clippingsA fragment of my collection of clippings
Leftovers after sortingLeftovers after

I was responsible for the prompt today over at OctPoWriMo. I had this idea a couple of weeks ago when I was working on a collage project for my Introduction to Design class. I’m sharing with you some photos of my process today as I began sifting through my own collection of magazine clippings to share some of the interesting combinations of words and phrases that appeared. I entered the process with no plan. I picked the words intuitively as I sorted through them.

Words that worked together, but not for this poemWords that worked together, but
not for this poem

Words that seemed to make sense together were placed together. After a short time (maybe 30 minutes or so), a theme began to emerge. The best part of this process for me is knowing that this is a poem that I would never have written any other way. The final image is my poem laid out on my sofa.


finished found word poem

May I have my attention, please?

Don’t judge! Try this…this works!

Avoid the mainstream. Go bold by stepping outside the norm.

Who needs perfectly cast, feast for the eyes,

death-defying, make-believe Mr. Nice Guy?

Holy cow!

I have a confession to make.

I dream of …

looking-for-fun-on-the-edge, hot or not,


touch and be touched, passion into power

pink boyfriends.

We can work with that!


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