Enough without Fire

Image by Amy McGrath

Image by Amy McGrath

At OctPoWriMo today, we were prompted to begin with the familiar words “once upon a time” and end with “and they lived ________”. After a long(ish) week dealing with a fibromyalgia flare-up, I wasn’t up to writing a full story, so I fell back on one of my favorite poetic forms, the blitz. Other than the beginning line, no attempt was made to have this poem come together in any cohesive way. It is very stream-of-consciousness (welcome to how my mind works!). This form even prescribes how to make the title and I must admit, I do like the title. Maybe there’s another poem hidden there…



Once upon a time

Once is never enough

Enough for me

Enough said

Said too much

Said no one ever

Ever and ever

Ever after

After the loving

After midnight

Midnight train to Georgia

Midnight express

Express lane

Express yourself

Yourself or someone like you

Yourself first

First in flight

First place

Place value

Place setting

Setting sail

Setting the stage

Stage fright

Stage design

Design elements

Design process

Process of elimination

Process mapping

Mapping skills

Mapping the brain

Brain fart

Brain science

Science and technology

Science fair

Fair grounds

Fair trade

Trade places

Trade off

Off to see the wizard

Off with her head

Head in the clouds

Head of the class

Class system

Class ring

Ring the bell

Ring of fire

Fire island

Fire and ice




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