World Mental Health Day



In is too easy

Pretending everything is

OK until I am

Lost and feeling

Alone and scared


A life before my

Diagnosis when

Help seemed very

Distant and irrelevant

Patterns of behaviors

Twisted my mind in

Sparkling swirls of shiny colors and

Dark, dreary loathing

Forgetting where

I was supposed to be

Banished from polite society

Reliability no longer

On my list of skills

Forgotten and hidden

Out of sight and mind

Girl gone wrong.

On the other hand

Now that I’ve found my voice

Everything falls where it must

Days are good and bad

And I’m learning to

Yield to the symptoms sometimes

Allowing myself grace for

Times that I need rest

Attune to the mood swings

That cradle me now

In tender, loving arms

My life at last lived on my terms

Everything is going to be fine.


6 thoughts on “World Mental Health Day

  1. Amy, I love this. I can so relate to it, because I felt that way before my AVM (a brain hemorrhage caused by the decision). After over I years, I now believe and tell myself the last line: “Everything is going to be fine.” Thank you.

  2. This was so good, and truthful. “Allowing myself grace”…this, I think, is needful for everyone. We’re all too hard on ourselves which can sometimes make things so much worse, especially if you are unaware that you might have a disorder. Thank you for sharing!

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