Ode to Silence

Photo credit: Vera Kratochvil via publicdomainpictures.net

Photo credit: Vera Kratochvil via publicdomainpictures.net

I listened for you this morning, sweet Silence,

but the cricket insisted I hear his song,

the HVAC picked my quiet time to fire up,

and the water rushed through the pipes

as others in the house began their day.


I listened for you last night, sweet Silence,

but a plane was landing at the nearby airport,

the TV was on in the other room,

the fridge needed to cool itself,

and laundry had to be done.


I listen for you often, sweet Silence,

but you always seem to elude me

in the habitual sounds of the environment,

those sounds that go unnoticed until

I really need time with you.


I will keep listening for you, dear Silence,

for I value your presence.

I need you when my inner voice is whispering.

I need you when the mania overtakes my brain.

I need you to wipe away the white noise and just be.


Come back to me, sweet Silence

and soothe my noisy mind.

**Ah, yes… the OctPoWriMo prompt today strikes near and dear to my heart. I will find some silence today somewhere… 


7 thoughts on “Ode to Silence

  1. What a wonderful poem… I teach meditation to people and would love to use this… would it be okay if I made copies for a few folks? Giving you credit of course! I just love this… it is everything I try to tell people about silence… if you have working ears try not to hear the other stuff in the background… I DARE YA! Lol!

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