We are the Perfect Numbers

“Perfect numbers like perfect men are very rare.” Rene Descartes

Public Domain Image

Public Domain Image

 We are the perfect numbers.

There aren’t as many of us as you might think,

especially when we are defined

in such a simple way.

Find our divisors.

Easy, right?

Then add them together.

No problem.

But try as you might

After our leader #6,

you won’t find another

for quite some time.

Do you find it odd that

we’re always even?

As least as far as

You can prove.

Euclid wrote about us first

in Elements back in 300 BC.

We’ve always been around,

but most don’t see our perfection.

Instead most are content

to live life completely unaware

of the rareness of our beauty

and the perfection in our simplicity.

But, you, dear friend…

you’re different now because

you know.

And you see.

**Using the prompt from OctPoWriMo, I chose to use the didactic poetic form. A didactic poem is intended for instruction. I also embedded the first two perfect numbers within the poem itself. The title has 6 syllables and the poem has 28 lines.


5 thoughts on “We are the Perfect Numbers

  1. I used to avoid math at all cost. Then I fell in love with a mathmagician. And now I can see the poetry in math. I love that you wrote a poem that taught me a bit about math.

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