It Took Two

Today in Drawing 1

Today in Drawing 1

In my drawing class today, we drew charcoal profile portraits of each other. We paired off and then every 20 minutes switched from artist to model and back again. The photo was my view as I was modeling for my partner and, as I considered the prompt from the OctPoWriMo blog for day 2, this poem is what came:



Da Vinci’s facial proportions use

Silent conversation between artist and muse

Classical profile, in charcoal drawn

Method of a time foregone

Model sits completely still

Artist moves with careful skill

Filling the page with shadows and light

Captures a moment in black and white

It took two instead of one

Portrait of a classmate done



2 thoughts on “It Took Two

  1. This has a good rhythm to it! Rhyme sometimes lends itself to awkward pacing…but this worked well. And I liked how you wove your day into it. I especially liked the first 2 lines…really caught my eye and ear. 🙂

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