Fractured Facade

One side of my first experience with wet felting

Wet Felting

I have recently begun a new path in my life. I am back in college at 47 years old working on the prerequisite courses for admissions to a Master’s degree program in Art Therapy. In my Introduction to Art Therapy class on October 1, we experienced wet felting. (If you’re curious, a simple Google search will provide many tutorials.) As part of the process in the class, we are asked to reflect on the process of making the art. In this case, one side of my felt came together beautifully with a rainbow of colors that I simply adore. The other side… well, it became the inspiration for my poem for the first day of OctPoWriMo.

Felting 2

Fractured Facade

It wasn’t supposed to be like this.

This isn’t the way you should present yourself to the world.

Hide the pain; hide the scars.

Cover them up so no one has to be bothered.

Don’t let the frayed ends hang out or else

they’ll unravel.

But look carefully…

right there, just beyond the fractured facade…

Don’t you see the colorful beauty that is you

trying to emerge from the false chrysalis?

Look around

And you’ll see that you’re not alone.

Everyone has frayed edges…

some are just better at covering them up…

but there is nothing…

absolutely nothing wrong

with revealing your true colors.


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