Mommy and Me and Vera

I had a blast hanging out with my mom today. She is 71 and I challenge anyone to just TRY to keep up with her, especially when shopping! The local Kmart is closing in another month, so we spent 2 hours picking through there today. After all that time, with her reward points, Mom spent $1.74 on 2 key chains and 6 lollipops! I, on the other hand, found much more since I had not been in there in ages. I think my favorite find was a new pair of bright neon aqua blue and pink tennis shoes for $5.

When we finally made our way back to her house this afternoon, she and Dad cut the grass and I set up my art travel kit on a table on the carport to work on today’s painting. I had no clue who would show up on my canvas (watercolor paper) today, but as I began sketching her hair, the little curl appeared on her cheek. As I worked on adding color and detail, she informed me that her name is Vera and she has some stories to tell!

I’m already excited about seeing who wants to appear on my canvas tomorrow!

#2 of 30 - Mixed media on watercolor paper

#2 of 30 – Mixed media on watercolor paper


One thought on “Mommy and Me and Vera

  1. She’s wonderful! She reminds me of a ’20′s Flapper. You gave the painting lots of dimension!
    It was nice to read about you and your mom. My mother and I always had a blast at the mall. We usually ended up with mani/pedis. She loved to point out stuff she found interesting, even if she had no intention of buying it. Used to drive my father and sister crazy! But I just went with it. She was having fun. That’s all I cared about. I’m so glad I was able to spend so much time with her while she was still with us.
    Your post brought back such lovely memories. Thanks for sharing yours. ❤

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