Y is for YOU

Today’s post is the one that almost wasn’t. As I type this, it’s 11:30pm here and this has not been one of my better days. The dramatic change in barometric pressure is wreaking havoc on my body and I’ve been less that motivated to write today. Part of the lack of motivation was because I knew there was no form for Y. If I’ve learned anything about my own process, it’s that I love having constraints to what I’m creating. For poetry, I like to find a form and manipulate the language to still express what I’m feeling. For art, I like having a specific lesson from a class or a limited palette/material list to drive the creation. I was listening to this week’s lesson for Life Book 2014 when this idea came to me. If nothing else, I’m proud of myself for completing 29/29 days thus far in the month’s challenge. I look forward to bringing you a new form tomorrow for the final day. I’ll also be announcing my newest challenge that I’ll be sharing here beginning on May 1st!



Do you remember who you were before someone told you who to be?

I’m beginning to remember.

Who do you think you are?

I’m no one.

And yet, I’m everyone.

I’m just like you.

But in my own way.

What do you have to offer to me, to us, to them, to the world?

I have right now. Today. This moment.

I have compassion and kindness.

I have love in endless supply.

I have passion – for life, for living, for creating and doing more.

Why YOU?

Why not me? Why not YOU, too?!?


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