S is for Sonnet (and Silence)

If I said the prompt at Poets on the Page spoke to me today, I’d be lying. I fought with poetry all day today. For once, I started early in the day, but nothing was working. I really wanted to write a sestina about silence, then it became about sailing. Then the words weren’t cooperating and I threw it all out. At the end of the day, I offer this sonnet

Image from San Diego Professional Writer's Group blog

Image from San Diego Professional Writer’s Group blog


Sonnet for the Silent Muse

Silence is frustrating when from the muse

I write and write but none of my words fit

Deleted, rewritten, carefully choose

Still nothing is working, but I can’t quit


Press on. Try again. Use a different form.

Make it easier and don’t try to rhyme.

Take a break. Have a snack, then you’ll perform.

Relax and listen… just give it some time.


My head hurts from banging against the wall

Trying to shake free the right words to use.

I’ll keep writing and giving it my all.

Keeping the channel open for my muse.


Edison once commented on success…

It looks like work no matter how it’s dressed.


edison quote


3 thoughts on “S is for Sonnet (and Silence)

  1. The pesky muse. She does what she wills. I will be desperate to write poetry and she’ll insist on prose or vice versa. And sometimes I swear she’s talking to me while stuffing her face full of PB&J. But, oh, when she cooperates…what fun!

    I sympathize with your frustrations and enjoyed your poem. As always, I am so impressed with your ability to use form, to adapt it to your purpose. Very nice.

  2. yeah i know how it feels like hitting at it again and again.But i feel its lot easier than installing a new software not knowing all that it can change 😉
    But many a times,it is better to catch the flow;the flow of your heart.Words and forms can follow,rather than think of a form anf then the words.

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