R is for Remy La Rhyme (and Reflections)

As I searched for a topic for today’s poem, I came across this gem:

“Did you ever wonder if the person in the puddle is real, and you’re just a reflection of him?”  ~Bill Waterson

The prompt over at Poets on the Page today was to write a “reflection” poem and I took finding the quotation as my cue. I also wanted a difficult form challenge, so I took on the Remy La Rhyme form.


Image by George Hodan

Image by George Hodan


Puddles gather along the walk

To mock the pedestrians, reflecting

Distorted images of who they think they are.

People rush on. No time to talk.


Talk is cheap. What counts is action.

Hurry or we’ll be late for the meeting.

No time to notice what the puddle is showing.

Don’t need another distraction.


Distraction, though, is what we need

To prevent making the distortion real.

Quivering, wrinkling, and evaporating…

Becoming nothing. Never freed.


Freed from slavery that muddles

Our idea of what’s really important.

Slow down, look around, and take the time to notice

Lessons we can learn from puddles.


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