I is for Inverted Refrain (and Instability)

It’s been a particularly difficult day, reflected in my inverted refrain

Image by George Hodan

Image by George Hodan



Diagnosed bipolar is a curse

Also, a blessing in disguise

It’s often hard to tell what’s worse

Is it the laughter or the cries?

The mixture of lows with the highs

Atop the world or the reverse


Source of my instability

Day to day living with doubt

About dependability

When in an emotional drought

Often wanting to just block out

And live with immobility


Days that are overly manic

As productive as they can be

Reminders that this is organic

This is merely a part of me

Understanding that sets me free

From all-too-familiar panic


Choosing to live in gratitude

Accepting the good and the bad

Giving myself some latitude

For the days that I’m feeling sad

Make it easier to be glad

And present a good attitude


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