For Sunday: Christ-in-a-Rhyme

The A-to-Z challenge takes Sundays off, but NaPoWriMo continues with my offering today. I am a Christian and chose to celebrate my faith today with the poetic form Christ-in-a-Rhyme.

Image by Dawn Hudson

Image by Dawn Hudson

Throughout all time you’ve been the same.

Your love sets my tired heart aflame.

That’s why each day I praise your name.


You’ve always been there for me when I was going through strife.

You were there with us on the day I became Patrick’s wife.

I will never be ashamed to call you Lord of my life.


Gifts rain on us from above.

Mercy descends like a dove.

But the best of all is love.


Like You, there is none.

You sent us your Son.

You are Three in One.


Although I am flawed

And often I’m odd,

I love you, my God.


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