B is for Blitz

Today’s selected poetic form is the Blitz poem. This is one of my favorite forms to write and to read. I especially enjoy the stream-of-consciousness feel that comes with this form. 

Original art by Me

Original art by Me

Heart for Art

Broken spirit

Broken heart

Heart of darkness

Heart of glass

Glass houses

Glass blowing

Blowing in the wind

Blowing my mind

Mind your manners

Mind over matter

Matter of opinion

Matter of fact

Fact checking

Fact or fictional

Fictional character

Fictional world

World of Warcraft

World News

News of the day

News of the weird

Weird science

Weird dreams

Dreams of dying

Dreams of falling

Falling apart

Falling in love

Love and marriage

Love language

Language barrier

Language learning

Learning curve

Learning to live

Live in the moment

Live and let die

Die for you

Die another day

Day of mourning

Day and night

Night terrors

Night light

Light a candle

Light in the dark

Dark shadows

Dark fantasy

Fantasy novel

Fantasy art

Art therapy

Art and soul




18 thoughts on “B is for Blitz

    • Thank you, Adriene! I’m taking my 2nd and 3rd art classes (simultaneously) and loving the freedom I feel there that is unlike anything else. I have never considered myself an Artist, so my inner critic for that medium doesn’t really exist … or at least she’s really quiet!

  1. I’m thinking this would be a great brainstorming exercise! Note to self: BLITZ!
    Very nice and, I may be working backwards through these entries, but thank you for picking the theme of poetry forms! Form and I are only occasionally friends but I’ve wanted to explore form more fully…so this theme of yours is absolutely awesome for me (and everything’s about me…lol!). I’m enjoying your posts.

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