Z is for ZaniLa Rhyme

Inspiration came from the NaPoWriMo blog today inviting a farewell poem. It felt right and fit well with the zanila rhyme form. Join me in May for a brand new creative adventure!

Abstract in Acrylics by Amy McGrath

Abstract in Acrylics by Amy McGrath

I’m glad you came to my blog this month

And read what I had to share.

‘Tis not the end, so come back, my friend.

I have art and poetry to spare.


This particular challenge is done.

My poems I wrote for you.

But come back, my friend, ‘tis not the end.

I have another challenge to do.


A new mountain is in front of me…

Thirty paintings, thirty days!

‘Tis not the end, so come back, my friend.

Leave me some comments, critiques, or praise!


Or better yet, join in on the fun

Come painting along with me!

Please come back, my friend, ‘tis not the end…

And share your own creativity!


Y is for YOU

Today’s post is the one that almost wasn’t. As I type this, it’s 11:30pm here and this has not been one of my better days. The dramatic change in barometric pressure is wreaking havoc on my body and I’ve been less that motivated to write today. Part of the lack of motivation was because I knew there was no form for Y. If I’ve learned anything about my own process, it’s that I love having constraints to what I’m creating. For poetry, I like to find a form and manipulate the language to still express what I’m feeling. For art, I like having a specific lesson from a class or a limited palette/material list to drive the creation. I was listening to this week’s lesson for Life Book 2014 when this idea came to me. If nothing else, I’m proud of myself for completing 29/29 days thus far in the month’s challenge. I look forward to bringing you a new form tomorrow for the final day. I’ll also be announcing my newest challenge that I’ll be sharing here beginning on May 1st!



Do you remember who you were before someone told you who to be?

I’m beginning to remember.

Who do you think you are?

I’m no one.

And yet, I’m everyone.

I’m just like you.

But in my own way.

What do you have to offer to me, to us, to them, to the world?

I have right now. Today. This moment.

I have compassion and kindness.

I have love in endless supply.

I have passion – for life, for living, for creating and doing more.

Why YOU?

Why not me? Why not YOU, too?!?

X is for Xenogeny

Since there is no poetic form beginning with X, I made a small attempt at a shape poem. These tend to challenge me more than they should. If you’re curious about the title, you can find the definition of xenogeny here.


Nature                                                       Nurture

Born this way                Learned behavior

the eternal adoption debate

Developed                       Inherited

Unique                                                  Similar

The Art of Vik Muniz

On our vacation in February, my husband and I visited the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Virginia Beach where I was first introduced to the artwork of Brazilian-born Vik Muniz. As a new student of mixed media art, I was fascinated by the materials he used and the masterful way he created with them. Today’s poem is in the invented form La’libertas. The final couplet of the poem is a quote from Vik Muniz in his native Portuguese. I’ve also included his TEDtalk from 2003 at the end of the poem. 

Artwork by Vik Muniz

Artwork by Vik Muniz

As children, we are taught it’s rude

To use our hands to eat a meal.

But to your inner child appeal –

Consider art that’s made from food.


Sandwich deconstructed

Sticky strawberry ooze

Licking peanut buttery fingers

Smears of childhood

Make silly faces

On the table


Creating art to make us feel

Strong emotions as it is viewed

Vik Muniz’s work sets quite a mood

Artwork by Vik Muniz

Artwork by Vik Muniz

Even with trash, his art appeals.


Society’s forgotten ones


With what we throw away.

Society’s darlings

Artwork by Vik Muniz

Artwork by Vik Muniz


With diamonds.



“Uma grande parte do tempo que você ficar olhando para a beleza, mas ele já está lá.

E se você olhar com um pouco mais intenção, você vê-lo”



W is for Wrapped Refrain (and Window)

Sticking with poetic form as my theme this month has really been a fun challenge. For the letter W, I had but one option – the wrapped refrain. The prompt at Poets on the Page invited us to think about a window to start our poem. 

Image by Amy McGrath

Image by Amy McGrath


Window to a Nightmare


Whispering screams of red raw ache

Echo across the calm black lake

A frantic rain is falling fast

A window cracks from thunder’s blast

Haunted memories invade her dreams

Red raw ache of whispering screams


A thousand hands holding her down

Fight back, resist or else she’ll drown

The last thread of her sanity

Crushed by their inhumanity

Awake now at last, she makes plans

Holding her down, a thousand hands.

V is for Vers Beaucoup (and Void)

Poets on the Page suggested today that we write into the void, into a place of empty darkness. I kept thinking that I didn’t want to go there, but once the seed was planted, this vers beaucoup came into being. 

Andy and me at a Clemson football game "back in the day"

Andy and me at a Clemson football game


There’s a lot of dry rot around the mail slot

Where I once got the note you wrote.

The coat you wore is still on the floor

By the door. I sigh and whisper, “Goodbye.”


They advise I forget your wise eyes

The color of summer skies. I can’t forget you yet.

I get mad that you never had

A chance to be a dad. You would have been good.


I was fine with your hand in mine, on cloud nine

When we would dine on pizza and beer. Everything was clear,

When you were near. Now you’re gone and life goes on,

Still I’m drawn home to your room instead of your tomb.


I look for you there and I stare unaware.

In despair, I wait. But I’m too late.

Your fate sealed as you wheeled your truck

Afield. I still miss you. With love, Your Sis.

U is for Un****

Unfortunately, there is no poetic form that begins with U. Thus, I will use the events from my day today as my inspiration.


Unexpected summons gathers

Unbiased individuals to hear

Unknown case evidence. Both attorneys

Unworried. Both parties seems

Unamused by proceedings. Story is

Unveiled, details are

Untangled, and one version

Unravels. Jury deliberates to

Unanimous decision. One party leaves