Feeling Bipolar



I knew what I would be writing about as soon as I read the prompt at Poets on the Page today. We were challenged to use as many feeling words as we could. As one who lives with bipolar disorder, I feel an extreme range of emotions that can change dramatically in the blink of an eye.  In addition to writing about feelings, we were also pushed to try a poetic form that I had not looked at before – The Pictorial. Since I struggle with proper spacing here on my blog, I chose to write my poem and save it as an image. I hope the message still comes across clearly. (:(

Feeling Bipolar



4 thoughts on “Feeling Bipolar

  1. I like the idea of designing poetry into a pictorial format. But my mind expects that moving across I would get a picture out of that produces another picture. like Frenzy burns risky. And switch around a few, like euphoric wildfire impatient as impatient euphoric wildfire.

    That’s just how my brain reads it. But I like the idea a lot.

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