To My Guardian Angel

The prompt at OctPoWriMo today asked us to write a poem inspired by a selection of images. While I loved the images offered, I chose to go off in my own direction. I have several friends that are incredible photographers, but I knew whose photos I wanted for this prompt. The images are courtesy of my long-time friend John Ashton-Keller. (Click his name to visit his gallery at deviantArt.) The poetry form I chose for this is called an etheree, though in this case, it’s a reverse triple etheree.




I heard you calling and I came running

Only to find the door was padlocked.

The lock was just like the one I

Wear around my heart, the chain

Like the one on my neck.

Cold metal designed

To protect from




ForAriellah 8

Me they

Failed. So here

I am, sitting

At your feet. I see

That you have a broken

Wing, too. No wonder you have

Not been able to protect me.

You have been fighting your own battles

With demons who would clip your wings and flee.

I understand now and I’ll be okay. Ariellah 6

I may still need your help sometimes but

I’m stronger than I used to be.

I can try to stand alone.

Just knowing how you’ve tried

To stand up for me

Is enough for

Me to use

My own



5 thoughts on “To My Guardian Angel

  1. Wow, I love this format! What a superb poem today! Especially the way you ended it, “enough for me to use my own wings” just beautiful

  2. The photographs from John Ashton-Keller match the poem beautifully. I too especially like the journey this poem takes, ending with that very strong last line. I also like the shape of the poem, like an angel’s wing. Lovely.

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