On Writing a Rispetto

Today’s challenge at OctPoWriMo asked us to use a rhyming form in our poem. I use rhyme quite often, so I wanted to push myself into a particular form that I had not attempted before. My usual process for writing a poem begins with a concept, then I find a form that seems to fit. I had to reverse my process today, but I am grateful for my two favorite poetic tools: Shadow Poetry (where you can learn how to write your own rispetto) and Rhyme Zone. I also did a little research to learn more about the history of this form. So, I suppose my poem is also somewhat of a didactic poem, as well!

photo source Wikipedia

photo source Wikipedia

Rispetto is brand new to me,

An old Italian poem form

Made famous by De Medici,

The rhyme and meter must conform.


Politian wrote rispettos, too,

And from his earliest debut,

He wrote poems for the bourgeoisie

That’s why his style is right for me.





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