The prompt at OctPoWriMo today was a good one, rich with new poem possibilities. The theme was games – childhood games, video games, computer games (darn you, Candy Crush!) I couldn’t resist the wordplay that came with this, though. One of the first games I recall playing as a child is jacks. If you’ve never played and are interested, here’s a link to instructions. What a fun memory! And what an opportunity… this poem is for my Daddy.

Image from History Lives

Image from History Lives

At recess time when I was eight or so,

Out to the playground we would go.

Some would climb and jump and run,

But that wasn’t the only way to have fun.

We’d gather ‘round with our colored sacks

And play a little game of jacks.


My set was silver and my ball was red,

Through onesies, twosies, threesies sped.

The game went on through four, five, six,

Sometimes we’d bounce the ball on the bricks.

We’d play and play ‘til time for snacks

And then we’d put away our jacks.


I soon grew out of childhood games

To pursue my dream of Broadway fame.

I’d be known as I walked down the street

By adoring fans that I would meet.

When a reporter asked me for the facts,

I would tell them, “I am Jack’s.”


“I wasn’t born to him,” I’d say.

But ever since that special day

He and Mom gave me their name

My life would never be the same.

They have always had my back.

I’m proud to say my Daddy’s Jack.

Jack (Daddy) and Me

Jack (Daddy) and Me


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