26 Love Letters

photo by Sandy Phelps (my mom)

photo by Sandy Phelps

Confession: The prompts I have written for OctPoWriMo have been very selfish. I’ve only shared prompts because I wanted to write for them. Ever since a friend shared the video below on Facebook, I knew I would use it in a prompt. As I share my own version of unsent love letters, I am reminded of a quotation from Stephen King: “Fiction is the truth inside the lie.” With that said, some is truth, some is fiction. And that’s all I’m saying about that.

Dear Patrick,

Let’s be friends.

Besides your roommate is kind of cute.

Dear B,

It’s a shame we were so young.

You’ll always be the one that got away.

Dear C,

I danced anyway. And I got fat. So there.

Dear D,

Thunderstorms will forever remind me of you.

Dear E,

You are my encyclopedia of useless knowledge.

Thank you for bringing John Irving and Tori Amos

into my life.

Dear F,

It was always fun

when you’d put your arm around me and miss.

Too bad tall doesn’t mean smart.

Dear G,

I wish I’d met you before F.

Dear H,

Who did I think you were?

Dear I,

That stunt at Christmas

destroyed any hope of more for us.

Dear J,

There is a God. You are not him.

Dear K,

Sad puppy dog eyes are cute as hell…

On a sad puppy dog.

Dear L,

Tell your parents

I wear my blue collar background proudly.

Dear M,

If you weren’t so angry and I wasn’t such a mess…

Dear N,

You were my Jesus and I your Mary Magdalene.

I’m sorry I never loved you. I didn’t know how.

Dear O,

I am not a very good character witness.

Dear Patrick,

I’m glad we’re still friends. I need someone to talk to.

Dear Q,

You had a chance. A good chance.

But setting up a threesome and

not informing all parties is just tacky.

Dear R,

That was the strangest first

(last) date I’ve ever been on.

Dear S,

You hurt me. And I liked it.

Dear T,

Sweet man, you are weirder than me.

And that’s saying something.

Dear U,

I am no longer bi-curious.

Dear V,

Next time you use a woman’s computer,

be sure to clear the history before you leave.

Otherwise, she might find your other profile, too.

Dear W,

Thank you for showing me the way back to me.

Sorry I couldn’t do the same for you.

Dear X,

Why did you have to be so damned handsome?

P.S. Divorced, my ass!

Dear Y,

I’ve been accused of cheating with you.

Wanna make the accusation true?

Dear Patrick,

I’m glad we’re still friends.

You know my faults and yet you’re still here.

The skeletons in my closet don’t bother you.

It may have taken twenty-five years for us

to be prepared for what we’ve found,

but it was worth the wait just to know a love

so pure, so honest, so deep.

I thank God for you every day.


11 thoughts on “26 Love Letters

  1. Dear N is awesome and not just because I love the musical. 🙂 The entire poem is wonderful…funny with a few heart-biting moments…very in keeping with the vid posted as inspiration…thanks for sharing that btw…I enjoyed it very much as I did your poem.

  2. My favorite line (among many) was “tell your parents I wear my blue collar background proudly.” Wonderful poem that surprises and delights. Thank you for this witty leap into relationship and love.

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