“F” Words and “S” & “M”

I had WAY too much fun today with the prompt from OctPoWriMo! The suggestion was to choose a letter and make a list of random words from the dictionary that begin with that letter, then use them to create a poem. This process reminded me of a post I wrote in September, sharing James Nave’s Imaginative Storm. I love how this process leads to finding surprising connections between seemingly unrelated words. I was travelling today and without a dictionary or internet access, my husband and I together generated the lists of words that led to these “snippet” poems. Thanks, honey!

no cursing

“F” Words

Forever feminine

Familiar faded fantasies

Follow frozen phallic freedom.

French pheasant

Photographic fallacy

Fighting furry fairies.

Foggy fifth

Flatulent flugelhorn

Forgotten fat failure.

Faraway fallacy

Finds phone fever

Failing fall funeral.

Flip-flop factoring

Fills fresh field

Feigns phantom fiddle.

Furloughed phantom

Figures philosophy final

Favorite philharmonic fusion.

Faithful fox

Feeding freely from

Forbidden fruit,

Fickle fraternity

Follows pharmaceutical pheromones

For fermented fun.

Photon football

Flails forward for fifty

Finite faithful few followers.

Candy Lovers S and M by Elizabeth Reynders Available at FineArtAmerica

Candy Lovers S and M
by Elizabeth Reynders
Available at FineArtAmerica

“S” & “M”

Mighty strange mentor

Suffers misleading start.

Marginally sarcastic masochist

Someday might share

Motionless sadistic memory,

Shocking massively straight

Masculine Magic Mike.

Second string sadist

Must stay mean,

Sharing meaningful suffering.

Musical southern mother

Salts mathematical snacks,

Masking several more

Secret melting shadows.


12 thoughts on ““F” Words and “S” & “M”

  1. You have a great poem here (well, a great couple of poems). Forgive my intrusion, but on your tags and categories, if you use more than 15 (categories + tags), you won’t show up in the Search in the WordPress reader. You will show up to your followers, but you won’t show in the search for something like “Poetry” or “Creative” or “Creativity”. Tags and categories are pretty much the same thing in Reader search, so you wouldn’t have to use a tag “poetry” if you’re already using “poetry” as a category.

    Apologies if I offend. It’s a lesson I learned from a very successful blogger (and from WordPress staff) and I figured I should pass it on every chance I get, since a few people chose to help me out. Paying it forward, as it were. And I’m of a mind poets should be read. These are pretty fun pieces (nice flow – real nice flow).

  2. The humor and pure wordplay pulls me in. Really liked the titles too.I wasn’t sure I always understood what the poem meant but who could resist “fighting furry fairies”? Do they travel in packs?

  3. Two letters I thought about using and both have been used by someone else. First my thought was D, which someone used already and then my thought was F, which you chose to work with. 🙂 I’ll see if I can come up with another letter to create a poem. I should have just written my poem before looking at others poetry blog posts. Ah well, it is all good.

    Love what you did with F. I love even more the thought of you and your husband having fun with it in the car, coming up with all of the F words. Well Done!

    • I know better than to read responses before tackling a prompt. That would be opening the door for my inner critic to shut me down. Hubby was such a good sport! Thank you for continuing to encourage me and so many others.

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