Perfectionist Paralysis

At OctPoWriMo today, we were invited into the shadows – our own personal shadows. I took some time this morning while in the van with my parents, husband and kids to brainstorm in my journal the MANY personal shadows that I could write about. Then my mom said something that sparked this idea. Thanks, Mom, for a “safe” shadow to write about!



Penetrates my family tree

Rooted in feelings of self-doubt,

Of not being good enough, pretty enough,

Of being less than the best.



Manifests in some as constant busyness.

“As long as I keep doing something…”

Cloaks itself in shyness

And repressed emotions.

A lifetime of unshed tears,

Laughter gone unlaughed,

Experiences never attempted

For fear of embarrassment or failure.



Appears in others as nothingness.

“If I can’t do it perfectly,

I won’t even try.”

Labeled as laziness

And lack of focus.

A lifetime of incomplete projects,

Dreams gone unfulfilled,

Creativity never expressed

For fear of judgment or failure.



Rooted in my family tree

As busyness or paralysis

Can be treated with

Time and love

Therapy and acceptance.



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