Painting Love

Dedicated to my parents with gratitude for showing me what “forever” looks like. They will celebrate their 52nd wedding anniversary this month.


Falling in love is like creating a painting.

When you meet for the first time,

the canvas is blank,

awaiting the first stroke

of the brush.


Moments shared begin to add color.

each meal or movie,

each phone call or text,

spreading a different hue

onto the canvas.


Laughter shared over an inside joke

Appears in rosy pink.

Tears spilled over shared emotions

Appear in watery blue.

Anger over a misunderstanding

Appears in fiery red.

Hands held and obstacles overcome

Appear in brilliant yellow.

Honesty and truth

Appear in black and white.


Layer upon layer of colors

blend when added wet or

cover when added dry.


Over time, the canvas evolves

from blank and unmarked

to awkward and uncertain,

the final painting not yet recognizable

as perfect art.


When the love is true,

images emerge from amid the

colorful chaos.

More time and details become

clear and distinct.

Passion, acceptance, and maturity

coat the now complete picture

in a protective glaze.


“ ‘Til death do us part”

is a masterpiece

worthy of any gallery.


At OctPoWriMo today, a Taylor Mali poem, “Why Falling in Love is Like Owning a Dog”, was the source of inspiration. I’ve recently been exploring acrylic painting after taking Flora Bowley’s :”Bloom True” ecourse. (Check the link on the right if you’d like to see what her course is about.) It felt completely natural to compare the intuitive process of creating a painting to falling in love. 


7 thoughts on “Painting Love

  1. Asides from writing, painting is a passion of mine, so reading and visualising this story as it unfolded really made me smile, what a lovely tribute and beautiful.

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