The Ballad of Lindsey Stirling

Click the image to visit her website!

Click the image to visit her website!

Several weeks ago, I shared some of the elements of Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way” (click to read the post). One of her tools is something she calls “Morning Pages”.  As I wrote my morning pages today, I was immediately influenced by the first song that came up on the Pandora station that I was listening to. Music is such a powerful muse for me that I couldn’t resist this response to the OctPoWriMo prompt to write a narrative poem. The song was “Crystallize” by Lindsey Stirling. If you’ve never heard this young lady’s music or seen her perform, please take a moment and play one of the videos below. 


Oh, how she loves her violin!

She plays it with desire

Burning deep within her soul

To set the song afire!



The crowd has gathered in their seats.

Dull murmurs all around.

Orchestra enters single file.

Dissonant tuning sounds.



The Maestro takes his place in front

Upon the platform stand.

The crowd applauds and then he bows

And takes baton in hand.





The room then holds collective breath,

Anticipation grows.

At last a spotlight on stage left.

The star then strikes a pose.



Applause and cheers now fill the air

She asks them, “Come away”

Lindsey Stirling lifts her bow

And then begins to play.





She draws the bow across the strings

And makes a crying sound.

She plays their hearts as much as hers,

More than notes resound.



Holding the crowd just like her bow,

She casts her music spell.

She plays and sways and plays some more,

This musical gazelle.





Too soon, she plays her final note

Ensuing pregnant pause.

A loud “Brava!” and then the crowd

Erupts in grand applause.



She’s empty from the love she gave,

But as she looks around,

She takes a bow and soaks it in,

Her heart now can rebound.





8 thoughts on “The Ballad of Lindsey Stirling

  1. Thank you for this lovely poem and for introducing me to Lindsey Stirling! The video certainly shows this favorite line from your refrain: “She plays it with desire/Burning deep within her soul” xoA

    • Thank you for commenting! If you like her, you might also like 2cellos. I discovered them at around the same time I did her. While their style is very different that hers, I love music that is unexpected. What Lindsey does, as well as 2cellos, is to use classical instruments to play very contemporary music. I’m happy I could introduce her music to you.

  2. Lovely poem! Great rhythm to it. I’ve heard Stirling’s music on my Pandora stations, but I didn’t recognize the name. I love the haunting quality of it.

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