It’s Coming!

I am honored to have been asked to contribute to another poetry writing month/challenge! I am contributing posts to the website for October Poetry Writing Month. Just like NaPoWriMo in April, we will be writing a poem every day in the month of October. You can check out the website HERE for tools and information in the remaining days leading up to October 1, then check back there daily for optional prompts and poetic inspiration! My posts appear on Wednesdays but I will continue to post my daily poems right here. Come on and join us! It’s a great way to push your creativity!

I wanted to write a poem today and was immediately pulled to the BLITZ poem form. I find writing a blitz almost as quick as reading one. I love the stream-of-consciousness feel of it and am often surprised by where the poem chooses to lead me. This one is called…


Heart Cardiogram by Виталий Смолыгин

Heart of Life

Hold on there

Hold my heart

Heart on my sleeve

Heart broken

Broken glass

Broken dream

Dream come true

Dream world

World peace

World hunger

Hunger pains

Hunger for more

More life

More love

Love me tender

Love lift me up

Up where we belong

Up yours

Yours is the night

Yours always

Always right

Always wrong

Wrong way

Wrong turn

Turn back

Turn away

Away from me

Away from here

Here we go again

Here it is

Is this the end

Is this all

All or nothing

All for one

One more day

One more time

Time will tell

Time stands still

Still waiting

Still standing

Standing on the corner

Standing for something

Something out of nothing

Something wonderful

Wonderful world

Wonderful life

Life or death

Life of luxury




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