For Flora

For the past 5 weeks, I’ve been on an amazing journey. I have been taking part in Flora Bowley’s intuitive painting e-course Bloom True. I have never considered myself an artist in the traditional sense. Painting was something that other people did. You know, people with talent, with a GIFT for painting. But the first time I watched a video of Flora in action, I thought that maybe, just maybe there was an artist in me, too. I can’t say that I’ve found my painter’s voice in just 5 weeks, but I am on my way. Today, on the final painting day of the class, I return to my “art” with words. This poem is called For Flora.

Canvas 2

First layer of my first complete painting. This layer was completed blindfolded using nothing but my hands to apply the paint.


Your heart

On canvas.

Use the rainbow

To express your truth.

Allow the paintbrush to

Dance wildly over the blank

Nothingness that was there before.

Surrender to the voice from within,

For it knows more than you could imagine.

My first completed painting from the class.

My first completed painting from the class.