My First Mixed Media Canvas… With Video!

I’ve been keeping an art journal for about 18 months now. I love working with mixed media. I never really considered myself much of an Artist. I’m more of an artist. Art is something I do for me. I have fun with it. I play with glue, colors, images, etc. My favorite artist Bob Ross said, “There are no mistakes. Only happy accidents.” My art is full of these happy accidents as you will see. When I write fiction or poetry, my inner critic loves to stick her nose in and make rude comments. When I make art, she is quiet. I guess it’s because I admit to being a writer and a poet, but not an artist.  

2013-05-14 15.13.36

** In the video, you’ll see me using Mod Podge (my favorite!) to attach pieces of dyed paper towels. For those wondering how I got the wonderful colors on the paper towels – it was a happy accident! When I dyed eggs with my kids at Easter, we used shaving cream and food coloring. These were the paper towels we used to wipe the excess “mess” from the eggs. I thought the paper towels had such pretty swirls of color, I had to save them. I’m glad I did!



5 thoughts on “My First Mixed Media Canvas… With Video!

  1. Wow~ I loved this Amy! Thanks so much for sharing this Creation~ Art is so Fun as a source of expression. Loved the recycled use of the dyed paper towels from a meaningful event with your children, the mod podge and the words of encouragement. Love when we can shut down the inner critic and just do what we feel ~ No rules! The music on the video is wonderful. R.T.

  2. Thanks for your kind words! I don’t know why my critic insists on annoying me when I write, but I’m glad I can make art without that voice in my head! Glad you stopped by!

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