For Mom

Reblogging my poem written for all of the mother figures in my life…

The Rabid Artist - Poetry and Other Creative Things

I was placed for adoption when I was born. I was in foster care for the first five months of my life before being adopted by a wonderful couple and raised as their own. My mom is amazing and I wouldn’t change a thing about having her in my life. At Mother’s Day, I am always reminded that I wasn’t born to this lady. Instead, she chose to be my mother. I am amazed and eternally grateful. At this time, I also think of my biological mother and wonder who she is, how she is doing, etc. I also think of my foster-mother with gratitude. And I think of my own children and how incredibly blessed I am to be their Mom.




Then incubated

Nine months to grow in the womb

Labor and delivery

A new life is born

An infant




Shared with a baby

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