Discoveries in Poetry

Here we are at the end of another National Poetry Writing Month! I can hardly believe that it’s over. There has been so much joy, sadness, pain, and healing shared by so many this month. It has been an honor to have found myself among such a unique community of poets, each with a special voice and interesting stories to tell. Keep writing! Keep reading! Keep inspiring! I know that I hope to…


April dawns,

Poets unite, and begin to write.

A fresh start, a new commitment…

Daily practice yields the fruit

Of fresh poems

Plucked from the Muse’s tree.

Words are baked and blogged

For others to share.

To offer a serving of one’s own heart

To the masses is a loving sacrifice,

Freely given in the hopes of

Something more.

Tab after tab after tab of followed poets

Pop open on the screen.

Words have been birthed, mixed,

Shaken and stirred,

Cried and bled,

For the sheer joy of creation;

To inspire or provoke;

Or perhaps just

To release the words

Into the universe.

Sun sets on April –

The challenge was met,

Attempted but fallen short,

Or simply ignored.

Poems bled into current events

And we cried together,

Mourned together,

Were angered together.

Your poems touched me,

Moved me, inspired me

To want more,

To be more,

To do more.

Poetic marathoners pause,

Take a breath.

Feel the joy

Or the pain

Of having written.

Apply whatever balm you need

To soothe the aching muse…

And write again tomorrow.


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