Blitz for Boston

Honestly, I’m still struggling with my own emotions as they relate to the recent events in Boston. I was drawn today to write a blitz poem as a way to begin to process my own feelings. I don’t know if I like this poem or not. I don’t know if you, my reader, will like this poem or not. Sometimes I have to allow myself not to care if I (or you) like what I write. I just have to write. 

Boston magazine's cover for May 2013

Boston magazine’s cover for May 2013

Boston marathon

Boston bombing

Bombing the city

Bombing the avenue

Avenue of dreams

Avenue of escape

Escape to the movies

Escape from reality

Reality TV

Reality bites

Bites the dust

Bites the bullet

Bullet to the head

Bullet proof

Proof of residency

Proof of God

God bless America

God bless the broken road

Road signs

Road trip

Trip down memory lane

Trip of a lifetime

Lifetime is not enough

Lifetime learning

Learning to live

Learning the truth

Truth or consequences

Truth or dare

Dare to dream

Dare to be different

Different strokes

Different world

World peace

World news

News of the weird

News of the day

Day of discovery

Day of the dead

Dead or alive

Dead man down

Down to the river

Down to earth

Earth to the moon

Earth angel

Angel in disguise

Angel of mercy

Mercy and grace

Mercy has a human face




4 thoughts on “Blitz for Boston

  1. Oh this makes me want to create another Blitz poem. Very well done. I am so glad to have been on this month long challenge with you even though I have fallen behind. I look forward to future challenges and reading more of your poetry. Peace to you friend.

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