New Arrivals, This Way

To drive my creativity into some yet undiscovered places this month, I picked up a copy of Leap Write In by Karen Benke. When I opened the book today, there it was – right there on the first page just waiting for me – my first “found” poem. I was probably influenced by my visit to the Pulitzer Remix website this morning.


A passport into the wild imagination

Stamped through the portals into defiance

Feel familiar feelings

Become the best voice

Vivid edginess lives

Going around risks.


4 thoughts on “New Arrivals, This Way

  1. I have heard of found poetry, but never this process. How interesting. Thanks for the link to Pulitzer Remix, but I like your poem that ‘springs’ from the page, especially the line “a passport into wild imagination.” One of the most haunting poems I’ve read that was written by someone else is about a poet going to a gas station and finding poems scattered on the pavement, blowing in the wind, forgotten. A found poem.

  2. I also have heard the term found poetry, but haven’t used it. Now I will be perusing my books to see if I can come up with something. I love the first line, “A passport to the wild imagination” who am I kidding, the whole thing resonates with me. 🙂 If you haven’t read my reply to your last comment on my blog, I am now calling you my soul twin. No I don’t know if there is such a thing but it certainly rings true for me.

  3. Thank you, Beth. I’m glad you like the Pulitzer Remix. I could get lost there for hours! Morgan, indeed… soul twins! I am a Gemini, so I’ve always known I was a twin! 🙂

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