What Color Are You?

My poem today was inspired by a conversation I had with a former student of mine. It was also influenced by several other poems I’ve read in the past few days that dealt with race and stereotypes. I know that critics abound and that my vision presented here is a lofty one. However, I do believe it is possible and I do believe that it begins here and now… with ME and with YOU. This is also my first attempt at a shape poem, so take it for what it is intended to be… a global smile, nothing more.****NOTE: The shape is entirely different here in WordPress than it was in my editor!***


What color are
You? Are we really so very
Different from each other just because
Our skin’s not the same? We live in a diverse,
Beautiful world surrounded by every possible color
Of nature –       in our flesh,        in our yards,
In our home.        Too often we       are trapped in
Stereotypes         or assumptions        on how we’re
Different        instead of how        alike we are.
Our children are beautiful blended shades of black, brown
Yellow, red, and white. Our eyes are brown and green
And blue. But we all still laugh, cry, and bleed in the
same language. Our roots, our heritage, our origins, set
Us apart from each other. Our love, our spirit, and our
Hope join us together. We seek a world where words like
Hillbilly,   redneck, cracker, nigga, colored    and gook
Are not a   part of the collective vocabulary    anymore
We seek a    world where peace is more valued     than
Race. We      yearn for a world joined with     common
Dreams &    goals, filled with compassion    and joy,
Where         understanding is more         important
Than         tolerance. This         does not
Need to         be fantasy.         This can
Be our           reality.         If each
One can                        teach one,
We have                   a shot to
Change the future and establish a
New world. We can be the ones
To make the long-held vision
Come to fruition. We can
Be the generation
Of love.


One thought on “What Color Are You?

  1. We.Are.One. is one of my favorite sayings. We really are. It is only the powers that be that wish us to believe that we aren’t. I believe we are one and I hold space that someday everyone else realizes it as well. Thank you for sharing this lovely poem.

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