Climbing Mount Washmore



One step at a time

One load at a time

Trying in vain to climb

Your treacherous hill


One cap of detergent

One push of a button

Battling weakly against

Your weekly growth


One dryer sheet added

One more load begun

Hoping this will mean

Your eventual demise


One shirt folded

One pair of pants hung

Wishing for an end to

Your dependable torture


One thing is missing

One more time I finish

Knowing nothing satisfies

Your hunger for socks.


2 thoughts on “Climbing Mount Washmore

  1. Why must the dryer … with all its rage and hells heated spent…..
    Feel the need to rape my close..tearing tiny fibres… and then brag of its catch….in the dryers vent

  2. I love the ending!
    Sears was here just Thursday to repair our dryer. It had begun to make the most horribly loud noises. (And wouldn’t you know it, they went silent when he walked in? no lie)

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