Language Barrier

The prompt at NaPoWriMo today was fun! The suggestion was to choose a poem in an unfamiliar language and “translate” it using sound/appearance rather than actual word meanings. The piece I selected was written by Croation poet Miroslav Kirin. My version is somewhat nonsensical, but I still see and feel something there… enjoy! 

Bile age prognosis – Nana made ju-ju.
Spoken nosy; lane for Joe, cozy

Sunroom age-old Ma below chest cold.
Teenage poor view clothes odd, odd raise.

Jelly stigma tame, ah? Jello hate, no!
Jest is a tomato crib mule, ha!

Neighbor killed odd zoo. Jesus uploads jam.
Fish’n Jesus, Billy Jean cigarette teasing.

Jew video-dodah
Jesse jealous of Jimmy U.

Nest the possum, pale your volume.
Use new low, you see? Bah!

Multiply, veil the ogre.
Lease stigma galore, hero
that no jest is a Jim. Hate
Crony ribs inebriate. Kill odd zoo. Gee!

Zap progeny. Rubber bees? Some or none.
Pearl ask you, “Drug is it yet?”
To the Honda
Program neat car.

Nice program, none say.
The sister reduced.


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