Curtain Call

I’ve had the book “poemcrazy” by Susan Goldsmith Wooldridge on my bookshelf for several years. I’ve picked it up from time to time and skimmed random pages looking for something that I couldn’t quite name. I tried starting on page 1 and reading straight through. I stalled when I found that there were “assignments” at the end of some of the sections. The academic part of myself just couldn’t read further without doing the homework. So I abandoned the idea of reading cover to cover. A few weeks before NaPoWriMo began, I stuck the book in my laptop case and carried it with me whenever I went out to write. I’ve spent a bit more time within the pages and I’ve discovered more freedom that I first imagined there would be. I’ve accepted that there are not any rules when I’m writing unless they are self-imposed. I found the idea for this poem in Chapter 17. She writes, “Think back. Where have you felt most at home? Where do you think you really come from?” Funny, but my therapist asked me that first question! Here, then, is my answer written in the form of a tanka as suggested on the NaPoWriMo website.


I come from the stage –

Empty, with the house lights low.

The audience waits

For the next act to begin.

Lights come up. Enter the star.


The show must go on

No matter how bad life gets.

Put it all aside

And perform. Give them the show

They came to see. Show them all

That I am a star.


The curtain comes down.

Thunderous applause echoes

With shouts of “Brava!”

Reveling in approval,

I bow and forget my pain.



3 thoughts on “Curtain Call

    • That book has been flipped through, written in, and the binding stretched deeply just in the past 13 days. It’s truly a case of having the tool I needed at the time I needed it. May it inspire you as it has me!

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