Breaking Up With My Inner Critic

Today’s prompt on the NaPoWriMo site was to write an “un-love poem.” I was really excited about this prompt! There were so many ideas about who/what I wanted to un-love that I was certain I would have difficulty narrowing my options. However, when my inner critic tried to tell me not to respond to this prompt, his fate was sealed. This is, by far, the most liberating break-up I’ve ever been a part of! **CAUTION: I didn’t mince words. I wasn’t nice or polite. This does contain some strong (profane?) language. If you are offended by such, just skip this one.**


You are no longer my master.

You are now my slave.

I will bind you, blindfold you, gag you

And confine you to the darkest corner

Where you can suffer

Until Hell freezes over.

You are only allowed to offer your opinion

When I decide.

You are no longer free to berate me.

You are no longer free to condemn my best efforts.


Why put any effort into destroying you?

Are you worth that much of my energy?

I think not.


Perhaps it is time to do the worst to you

Time for the silent treatment.

Silence is far worse than honest rejection.

Henceforth, you will be ignored.

Your words will fall on deaf ears.


You always have so much to say

But no credible evidence to

Make the charges stick.

Your judgment is inadmissible in my courtroom.


Your opinion is like an asshole –

We all have one.

Assholes are only good for one thing.


And your words are just that… shit.


My ideas, my dreams

Are fertilized by your shit.

My ideas and my dreams

Will grow and flourish

And bloom and produce fruit.

Your incessant negativity

Will wither and die.

Your ideas can rot and decay in the sewer.


Like Tom and Nicole

Or Ben and J-Lo…

In Taylor Swift’s words,

We are never, ever, ever

Getting back together.


You are powerless.

You just don’t matter to me anymore.


4 thoughts on “Breaking Up With My Inner Critic

  1. Yes! As I’ve been reading in writers’ guidelines for various pubs recently, some cursing is acceptable _if_ it advances the story, _if_ it improves the piece. I think you’ve succeeded with that here, and I hope that anyone who would be offended by the use of certain words would be touched enough by the context that they would get that. If they’re not, they probably shouldn’t be trying to read poetry in the first place.

    • Thank you! It felt necessary in this context to “go there”. I enjoy reading poetry and other forms that are brave enough to be harsh or profane in the right context. I’m glad that you agree that this was the right context. 🙂

  2. My favorite line: “Silence is worse than honest rejection” — for all the silences that greet query letters or partial subs. What a worthy poem to simply say no to that inner critic that natters on and on. Well done!

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